Starting salary for ADN nurse at Froedtert

  1. Hi,

    Does anyone know what the starting is at Froedtert? Or for any hospital in Milwaukee.

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  3. by   fireguyrick
    I believe Froedtert was starting at around $22.00. I believe most of the starting pay is between $20.85ish to $22.50.

    The shift differentials and ICU differentials very though.

    Hope that helps.

  4. by   future_rn10
    Thanks Rick! I heard that St. Luke's pays little more than Froedtert but I think most hospitals pay in that range.
  5. by   fireguyrick
    Quote from Future_RN08
    Thanks Rick! I heard that St. Luke's pays little more than Froedtert but I think most hospitals pay in that range.

    The $20.85 is a number from Aurora for OB RN's. My wife had to do a job salary report for local hospitals for a Stats class at Marquette last semester.

  6. by   future_rn10
    Hey Rick,

    Is your wife getting her BSN at Marquette. I just spoke to an advisor about possibly completing my BSN at Marquette only because I work at Marquette and I would be entitled to free tuition. The only problem I have is I would need to be in school for 3 1/2 more years going part-time and of course work here for 3 1/2 more years. Plus, I would have to take Theology and Philosophy whereas I could go to UWM and not have to take those courses.
  7. by   fireguyrick
    My wife finished her BSN at MU, she is working on her MSN there currently. It only took her Fall/Spring/Summer to complete her BSN. Of which, she was able to take 3 or 4 MSN classes in the process.

  8. by   future_rn10

    You are just so full of knowledge. Do you have your BSN? I have one more year to get my ADN. I just don't know to go with Marquette and reap the free tuition or get a RN position at a hospital that pays your tuition and go to UWM. What's your opinion? I really want to practice nursing after I pass the NCLEX. Is you wife working as an RN and going to school? If so, has it been difficult?
  9. by   fireguyrick
    My wife is an RN in the NICU at CHW. She was previously an RN at Froedtert in the Mom & Baby Unit. She also worked at West Allis Memorial in Mom & Baby, L&D and the NICU. She has been working the entire time she has been going to school. Though now, she is doing the Weekend program at CHW. It is easier for her to do 2 12 hour shifts a week as compared to doing 3-4 days a week with 8's and 10's elsewhere.

    I will say that Froedtert pays $5K a year for tuition (up front) for market sensitive positions (which an ADN or BSN is). CHW is paying something like $2500 a year. I do not remember what Aurora offers though. I myself have worked at Froedtert (Cardiac floor) and St. Lukes (in the endocrine center). I am only now working on my RN liscense. My background is in Emergeny Medicine as a Paramedic. I have run EMS in Milwaukee and served on a primary response FD in the 'burbs.

    I would ask you this. what do you want to do? Do you want to STOP with your BSN or do you want to get an MSN. If you want an MSN do you want to teach, be CNS, or be an NP? What area do you want to work in?

    If you want to be an NP or CNS I would honestly suggest going to MU. But, if you are going to stick with just a BSN UWM should be ok. Froedtert is working with UWM on BSN completions for their current ADN's from what I understand. But, there are some issues I have heard come up. Apparently you had to agree to complete the program before being told what credits would transfer, and how many classes you would need to take to get your BSN.

    I would tell you to beaware that a vast majority of Froedtert's staff are 7/70 scheduled. Where you work 7 10 hour shifts in a row (Monday through Sunday), and then you have the next week off. This is not bad for many people, but it can prove difficult for many students. Part-time 7/70 is not much different. If I recall shifts run from (DAYS) 7am to 5pm, (PMS)12:30 to 11:30pm, and (NOC) I do not really remember, but they would show up in the area of 10ish at night.

  10. by   future_rn10
    Thanks Rick.

    I still have a year to think about if I really want a BSN or not. I plan on seeing the RN-BSN counselor at UWM as soon as I get a chance and see how long it will take me to get my BSN from there. I wouldn't mind working 7/70. I know it's tough but we will see.

    Thanks for all your information.