Please, Please, Please, Any Other Very Tall Nurses Out There?????

  1. Hi all,

    I really need some help because I am almost at my wits end. I am having a problem with probably one of the last things we think about in nursing: uniforms. I am a TALL nurse. I measure out at about 5 feet 11 inches barefoot and have anywhere from a 35-37 inch inseam in pants. Now, I have no problem buying scrub tops as my torso is a "normal" length but I absolutely, positively cannot find ANY scrub pants that are long enough. I just graduated and am starting my first job on Monday and I don't think a good first impression would be to walk in in my undies. I emailed and they told me their longest Tall sex inseam was 32...32? Isn't that a regular inseam? I even ordered scrub pants from a website that makes them especially for your measurements, got them in the mail today, and they were too huge and I need to roll them three times to keep them around my waist! Are there ANY TALL nurses out there that hear my pain and can by the grace of god bestow upon me the name of a brand or website that I can order tall scrubs (35-37 inseam) that will fit me?? I would GREATLY appreciate it and love you forever...


    P.S. Just moved to Madison, WI if there might be any stores around here that someone knows of....
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  3. by   nurse2006rn
    Since you are starting on Monday, you may try out Walmart and see what they have and try them on. I am about 5' 10" and has been able to enjoy their pants. Not too big and not too tight either. Hope you find something because you need to be comfortable and calm on your first day. Good luck and don't forget to put on "good smiles" on your first day.
  4. by   tutored
    HI Andrea, I've got your answer. I am 5'11-1/2 " in my feet (as oppposed to standing without my feet...:smackingf )....There's a great company run by women called "Mainely Scrubs", out in Maine, they're an internet company that sells scrubs of various stocks and materials, all made to order, and you can custom-order the inseams on the scrub pants. I have lots of scrubs from them, they're a great company.

    Good luck!
  5. by   colleenm
    I'm 5'10.5", and I usually do fine with the scrubs from JC Penney outlet in Gurnee Mills (I live on the WI/IL border) - they are just long enough. Have you tried ordering "tall" scrubs? Remember, some of the boxier scrub pants don't fit exactly like your jeans would. I know that the crotch of the scrub pants never quite hits me the same as regular pants would (rides lower). So that 32 or 33 inseam MAY be ok if you try it on. Also, at the JC Penney outlet I have seen fluctuations in length of pants of the same size and style. I guess that's why they're at the outlet store! So it always makes sense to try them on. I got a pair of Cherokee scrub pants, in TALL, at a uniform store that is in Gurnee Mills (near the Burlington Coat Factory). They are REALLY long!

    Good luck!!!
  6. by   spikedscrubs
    Hey! I am nearly 5'11" as well and purchase all of my scrubs from Marcus Uniforms ( - the best tall style is the Cherokee Workwear Tall Low Rise Flare Leg Scrub Pant (

    I have a TON of scrubs (nearly 100 pieces) and 99% of them are Cherokee Workwear. Durable and appropriately long for the tall girls out there!

    Hope it helps!
  7. by   junebride
    I TOTALLY agree with the previous poster about Marcus uniforms. They have probably the best and largest selection you'll find. I also wear the cherokee brand pants; I'm 5'9" but have REALLY long legs and most pants length-wise and inseam are a total disaster. If you live in the Southeastern WI area, take a trip to their store. It is not in the greatest neighborhood, but totally worth a look. Scrub pieces run about $7-$11, versus spending about $25 at Life Uniform.
  8. by   Kristie Marie
    I am 6'1 and I know what you mean...there are a lot of companys out there.....sassy scrubs, nws scrubs, and pulse uniform are a few...they all have 36 inch inseam pants and there are cute looking...not frumpy
  9. by   Biffbradford
    I'm a guy, 6' 5" and wear Mobb scrubs in 'tall' lengths. No worries!

    They come from Canada, so it takes 2 weeks to arrive, but I've never had any problems other than that.

    Tall Scrub Sets - Medical Uniforms