nursing in the Fox River/ Green Bay area?

  1. Does anyone out there work in Green Bay, or the Fox River Cities? What hospitals/ systems are the best for nurses? Which hospitals/ facilities have the best word-of-mouth? My husband and I have debated moving to the area, and I personally would be leaving a wonderful work environment. Because of this, I will not settle for less. Where is the best place to work? Re. me: I have ICU experience, and am CCRN certified. I've worked in case management and was an adjunct faculty member in the past. Please PM me.
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    I travel now, but I used to work at Aurora Baycare in Green Bay- I loved it there, but I worked in ER, and they had some management issues in the ICU (this was 1 year ago). I have also worked at St. Vincents in Green Bay- this was a good hospital to work for as well (I worked in Peds).
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    Hi there...

    There really isn't a "bad" hospital/network with in northeast Wisconsin. Each have their own advantages/disadvantages. Yes, you will hear the horror stories...but that is everywhere. All the hospitals in the area are modern, clean facilities with up to date equipment.

    With you being a critical care will have your 1:1 or 1:2 nurse ratio at any of the hospitals. The fox valley tends to be a bit more progressive in health care than Green Bay.

    Aurora health care had the advantage of being a big network with lots of nursing opporunities at the various hospitals and clinics and educational offerings. The Thedacare hospitals in the Fox Valley seem to be the most progressive in the area.

    All around...having grown up in the area and worked in a few or done educational things in most of the really can not go wrong. I would work year around at any of the hospitals but I skip town for 6 months of the year to travel!!! I would work permanant year around at any of them. There is one hospital I wouldn't...but that is because I left on bad terms which is a long story but have friends that still work there. I guess the one bad thing is the nursing wages. Starting wages low 20s...and after many years, usually only high 20s...maybe 30 dollars if you are lucky. Yes, not horrible...but not as great as other areas of the US. A big part of it has to do with there has never been a shortage of nurses. There are 6 nursing schools in northeast there will never be a shortage of nurses...which is a bit of a bad thing to raise nursing wages.

    There is a good quality of life. There is really no ghettos or rampant crime like in other areas...but still have problems like the rest of the US. It is a great place for raising a family. Hope this helps! Just ask if you have more questions.
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    Dear Hellerd,

    I agree whole heartedly. The volume of surgeries done in the Green Bay area is the third highest metropolitan volume in the state. Additionally the sheer volume of open heart surgeries done either at St. Vincents (a newer program) or Bellin (the second highest volume in the state) can lead to incredible CCU experience. Also while base salaries do start in the mid-20's, typically after training and Critical Care Stipends you can be into the 30's within 12 months. Hope this helps.

    PS. farmerRN, would love to hear your story.
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    Hey FlyFishTony,

    Where would you like me to start my story!