Moving ... best PACU's in Milwaukee or Madison?

  1. I'm moving back home this winter and am starting my job hunt. Originally from Oshkosh WI. Don't know much about Milwaukee or Madison health care but this is where we are relocating to. Looking for any tips on best places to work, lists of hospitals and ambulatory surgery centers. I work preop/PACU.

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  3. by   Biffbradford
    What do you consider good qualities in a place of employment?

    I'm sure your views would be different from mine.

    Do you want a big hospital? St. Lukes, Froedert? or small?
  4. by   Kelbel2440
    My number one is high employee satisfaction. I want to work in a place that doctors respect nurses and that everyone is professional in. Just looking for good trustworthy team members to work with that won't stab you in the back. I've worked in small community hospitals that the docs run the show and everyone talks about each other behind their back. The place I'm at now our travelers continuously say "I love coming here."

    Don't mind the size hospital. Can do anywhere from big hospital to stand alone surgery center. I have been spoiled at my current job as we get a large variety of surgery, but nothing incredibly critical and anything critical we essentially stabalize and send to ICU. I also have been very fortunate to get 6-4:30 shift 4 days a week and only take call one Saturday every four weekends from 6-3. I realize this is very rare, and don't mark it as priority for my job hunt, but the less call the better, so obviously ambulatory surgery is a good option for me. I don't want to be in a Trauma I PACU taking call twice a week and every other weekend. So here is hoping! Thanks for any help in advance!