How's the job market there in Wisconsin?

  1. I'm in Chicago and going to be graduating soon, and I've found out some of the area hospitals have hiring freezes.

    I've also heard that these freezes may be ended by the summer, but in case they aren't I was thinking about looking for jobs in SW Wisconsin. Particularly because I used to live in Madison.

    So, is it looking any better there?

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  3. by   rn2bnwi
    Madison does not have a lot out there right now. i talked to the uw about their new grad program and they said december is the latest you should apply but that they typically hireat min. 100 new grads.
  4. by   motyandproudofit
    I graduate in December in Florida and want to move up to Madison. Any idea if I could get in for that December deadline? Also, do they take ADN or just BSN?
  5. by   rn2bnwi call the nursing recruiter listed on there. they will be able to tell you. there are two other local hospitals as well. All 3 hospitals still hire adn's . Good luck
  6. by   gemini81sg

    I have lived in Green Bay, WI for a number of years and worked at a local hospital for about 6 years. There is somewhat of a freeze in the Green Bay area. I have heard from my manager that one hospital is even laying off some of their RN's due to the 'economy'. For this reason, I have since relocated to Milwaukee, WI as I had been wanting to begin a career in the ICU. The hospital I previously worked for stated that they would not pay for any additional training so that I could transfer to the ICU there, despite a need for RN's there. In fact, I was told by my manager that she is also unable to fill needed positions in the Med/Surg dept due to a "hold" (not a "freeze"). You may interpret that as you will.

    The reason I am replying is that I have come to find that Milwaukee has a vast hiring market for RN's at the Aurora sites - St. Lukes, Sinai, West Allis. If you go to you can look for jobs there. As a new employee for Aurora in Milwaukee now, I am surprised at the vast number of new grads they hire, even in the ICU, which was unheard of at the Green Bay facility that I previously worked for.

    Not sure if you are interested in relocating to Milwaukee, as I know I wasn't initially, but there are certainly jobs here and more importantly they are not afraid of hiring new grads. I was greeted with a warm welcome, not too mention good pay and so far so good. Feel free to message me if you have any other questions. Good Luck!

  7. by   stoli
    Jobs open in Kenosha,Wi at United Hospital Systems . They may post 1+ yrs of experience but know they do hire new grads ,ADN or BSN .There is the St.Catherines Campus and KMCC .
  8. by   tdrynelle
    I am interested in your move to Milwaukee and your thoughts on Aurora (as I am currently contemplating the same move). Do you mind if I PM you about it?
  9. by   Melinurse
    Quote from stoli
    Jobs open in Kenosha,Wi at United Hospital Systems . They may post 1+ yrs of experience but know they do hire new grads ,ADN or BSN .There is the St.Catherines Campus and KMCC .
    They are still hiring new grads but AllSaints ( St. Mary's ) in Racine is laying off ( or letting go without replacing )nurses and have a hiring freeze. Kenosha area still seems ok for now but with the other major hospital having a hiring freeze positions may fill up quickly. The info on AllSaints came from a friend who is a RN there. You can PM me anytime JoeN.
  10. by   stoli
    United Hospital Systems hasn't been operating in the red and have kept very busy . St Cats is working on a lge expansion . All Saints in Racine I heard they have just made the ratio 3-1 in ICU and are operating in the red .
  11. by   Melinurse
    Yikes! I still remember when AllSaints ICU ratio was 1-2 to 1 nurse. That's terrible. On the floors the ratio has really changed as well. Although it differs slightly depending on who I ask. I heard St.Cat's was in the red too but I pass them every day and see they are still going ahead with the expansion. AllSaint's just finished their cardiovascular wing expansion which I think led to their money problems.( just my )
  12. by   cindycin35
    Can anyone give me some information on All Saints in Racine. How do you like working there? What made you choose that particular hospital?

  13. by   Biffbradford
    Just a reminder to watch the dates that many of the responses were written It is not 2009 anymore and things have changed. I'd be interested in All Saints as well as Kenosha. Personally, I've given up on Milwaukee and am expanding my commuting circle.
  14. by   happyclinicRN
    As a former all saints employee I can honestly say I would NEVER go back! Currently I am working for aurora and have several friends trying to make the switch as well...