Froedtert Hospital Insight Request

  1. I am a new nurse grad looking at Froedtert hospital. So can anyone please tell me what it is like working at Froedtert hospital? Also, some insight into the wages would be nice as well.

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  3. by   cmram28
    I have worked at Froedtert for 12 + years and moving to nursing. RN schedules for the most part are great: 7/70. Seven days on for 10 hrs a day or night and 7 days off (considered fulltime equivalent to 80hrs). Great tuition reimbursement with no commitment to stay. Wage approximately 23/hr, other threads exists about Froedtert; just type in the search engine.
  4. by   farmerRN
    I have never personally worked at Froedtert....but have a cousin that works there...she really likes it. Works in one of the many ICUs they have. They have the 7/ you have 26 weeks of free vacation! Not really sure on pay scale...but Milwaukee pays a bit better than the rest of the state. They do really good work sister's boyfriend got flown there with a bad facial fractures from a ATV accident. Quite the job they did...only had a scalp scar and a scar on his nose!
  5. by   jjensen
    I worked at Froedtert and felt it was a great place to work. They treat the RN's great and having every other week off has its pluses for sure...

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