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  1. I am reviewing the requirements on how to do the RN Licensure by Endoresement in the State of Wisoncin. I applied for my initial licensure in Florida because they don't required CGFNS. But I am now having a hard time to endorse my license in Illinois because they are requiring a local license from the country of my education which is in the Philippines. I did'nt intended to practice in there since I am a U.S. permanent residence that is why I didnt have a Philippine license. I want to work in Wisconsin. I am reviewing the requirement on how to do the endorsement since I live couple minutes drive from Kenosha, Wisconsin. I understand that as a foreign graduates I need to provide additional requirements like CGFNS. But based from the Wisconsin Department of Regulation & Licensing website there is an Exception from CGFNS: If you have graduated from or completed the nursing education program of an English speaking school in Canada you are except from CGFNS. Also, you may be except from CGFNS if you have been licensed and practicing full-full time for 2 consecutive years within the last 5 years in a U.S. state does not require CGFNS. Is it possible to endorse my license in Wisconsin even if I didn't work in Florida as an RN? I am confused. I hope someone can help me regarding this matter.

    Thank you.
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  3. by   anncabs
    Hi Sweenie, we have actually the same dilemma. The date you wrote this was Sept. 2009, were you able to resolve your issues yet? I am a Filipino who works in Canada and recently relocated here in WI. I have a CA-BON license, but no CGFNS. Is taking the CG exam + TOEFEL the only way to get the license here in WI? I needed to work in WI as my family lives here. I would greatly appreciate it if you or anyone could give me any input with this. Thanks.
  4. by   kitin_22
    hi, every1 that's my dilemma too..how'd you resolve it? I don't want to take the CGFNS exam, so I applied in CA. Can you still be a RN in WI without taking the CGFNS? I'm a filipina nurse for almost 4 years in the Philippines and a permanent resident in the US and is now living in Wisconsin, working as a CNA.