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  1. Hello Everyone!
    I'll be done with General A & P this May and I'm planning to take A & P 2 and Micro from LTC online. Can anyone give me some insight on how these classes work? How do you do lab? What are the exams like? Any additional info on the instructors or advice would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance!

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  3. by   Ladybug15
    Hi, I was wondering if you took the Micro course online through LTC this semester since I've been looking into taking the same course in the Spring. Can you tell me how it is going and how the class and lab is structured? (Open book or proctored exams, labpaq or simulated lab, etc) Any info you can provide would be helpful!

    Thanks - Irene
  4. by   Jodib
    Hello, I am currently taking Microbiology, and Advanced A&P, as well as Dev. Psychology online through LTC. There is alot of work, but it is going well. We are in week 10 of 16. The testing for all 3 classes is proctored. In Adv. A&P, if you have Dr. Victor Scheuller there is an online quiz, plus a proctored exam for each learning plan. He is an excellent instructor. I had him for general A&P online last semester. After the first week, everything falls into place. The hardest thing for me is the difference in teaching styles and organization of the online classroom. You don't have to do labs at the school. You have a cd rom for A&P that lets you do virtual labs. Then you type up the answers in Word and submit them to your week folder. I am actually enjoying it. Hope this helps.