?s about Green Bay job opps for LPNs

  1. Hello! I currently live in Chicago, IL and have my LPN. Have been working the past few years as a school nurse for Chicago Public Schools. Prior to that (post graduation) I did agency nursing.

    Anywho, I believe I am going to move back to the Green Bay (or surrounding area within 30 miles or so) in the next few months. I had lived there for 2.5 years in the early '00s.

    Can someone tell me what kind of job opportunities are available for LPNs in that surrounding area. Can LPNS work at the hospitals? Is it mostly just long term care jobs?

    Any and all help will be greatly appreciated!

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  3. by   farmerRN
    Not too much action in Nursing at any level in the Green Bay area. Things are tight, there area few clinic, home care, and long term jobs here and there, but nothing that great. The hospitals do not LPNs anymore. Might have a little better luck in the Fox Valley area...but not much!
  4. by   platinum_garb
    thank you very much for your reply! I appreciate the info.
  5. by   Ashera
    Hi Georgia -

    I've just spent two weeks exploring MN and WI for relocation as well as job ops. I'm an LVN from Texas
    and am moving to the cold! You may have already done so but the following sites have lots of ideas:

    Job Search | one search. all jobs. Indeed.com

    Job Search Made Simple | Simply Hired

    Hospital Jobs and Healthcare Job Search - Search Medical, Physician, Administrative, and Lab Technician hospital jobs. HOSPITAL AND HEALTHCARE JOB OPENINGS

    *(for some reason, Dallas zip etc in inserted in above links - just change your search info)

    and sometimes even Craigs List.

    I don't really like Monster - it's slow and only lists specific jobs that have been placed on their board.

    The others, especially Simply Hired - have several search options - where you can enter a zip, an area, a state
    with miles from...location.

    Be sure to try several different key words. You will be surprised at the different return you get by typing:

    Licensed Practical
    Licensed Practical Nurse
    and definitely try just 'nurse'

    With just nurse... you'll get returns that want either an RN or...an LPN -

    Good luck! Wisconsin is gorgeous!
  6. by   platinum_garb
    Thank so much! I actually just started pooking around on search sites last night. You've listed a few I haven't heard of.
    Good luck to you, too!