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Winston salem state university bsn traditional program

Hi, I am a transfer student at WSSU. I am applying to the nursing program soon and I am so nervous because I have two transcripts and one of them is not very good. My community college transcript is a 2.6 and my WSSU transcript is a 3.1. I had to retake my chemistry lecture class which is also not very good but that class was so hard. These are my grades in my sciences. I am currently enrolled in A&P2 and Nursing 2313. The requirement for the program is a 2.6, BUT it is competitive so should I even bother to apply? Thanks for your feedback

A&P 1 lecture = B

A&P 1 Lab = B-

Chemistry lecture =C+

Chemistry lab=B+

Microbiology lecture=A

Microbiology lab= A

Developmental Psychology= B


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