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Winnie Palmer and New RNs

by Knights_Nurse Knights_Nurse (New) New

Hello All!

I recently graduated UCF as well as passed the NCLEX. This is my very first post, however I have spent lots of time on allnurses (ever since I was taking prerequisites for my program!). I am looking for some information regarding Winnie Palmer and graduate nurses. I found a thread on this topic from 2012 with no replies so hoping I will be a bit more lucky! I have heard from multiple sources, including an Orlando Health hiring manager that Winnie Palmer participates in the graduate nurse program. Their website even states "We are seeking experienced Nurses and New Graduates alike to fill the following positions." However, all roads on the careers section lead to dead ends and calling HR hasn't answered any of my questions either. I would love to be given the opportunity to at least speak with someone about how much of a passion I have to work at this hospital. ANY advice at all would be so appreciated! Thanks in advance!;)