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Will Nassau take transfer credits?


Hi everyone,

I have applied for Nassau's nursing program for this fall. I was just reviewing the course requirements and I now realize that I've taken nearly all of them, except for the courses specifically for nursing (Fundamentals of Nursing , Comprehensive Nursing Care I, Comprehensive Nursing Care II, Composition II, Introduction to Medical/Surgical Nursing). Would Nassau let me take only these courses, or should I anticipate having to take Anatomy & Physiology, Statistics, Psychology, etc. all over again?

If anyone knows, I would greatly appreciate it!


And actually, I've taken Composition I & II for my bachelor's degree. Therefore, I'd only need the 8.5 credit nursing courses. I hope they let me transfer... it otherwise wouldn't make sense to take all of those classes all over again!

Does anyone who went to NCC have any idea?

Well, fortunately, I was able to speak to someone in admissions who knew. They said that they will take any classes that you've already completed.