Will I graduate after failing the clinical


I am very frustrated because I failed the clinical when I take care of my first patient. I don not know why some instructors are really mean, I am a second language user, so she questions me so many things, and when she found I could not give the right answer, she just became intimidating, She sent me home when she asked me a meds and found I gave the wrong answer, I checked meds before, but I was too nervous to remember the claasification.I just feel nursing clinical is a disaster because there is no criteria or specific policy to say if a student can pass or fail. It is all about subjective judgement. I have to retake again, but I feel I am so scared. PLS help me, I appreciate any advice.

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I'm sorry you had a bad experience. However, based on what you shared, she was not mean. She was doing her job. Yes, you have a harder time because English is not your native language; that doesn't mean you should be given special treatment.

That stated, you are not alone. This does happen, and even when one doesn't fail a clinical, first clinicals can be extremely nerve wracking and intimidating.

1. Know what you are required to know. If necessary, practice with others (especially people you don't know very well when able) to get over the fear of giving answers and having a discussion.

2. Consider joining Toastmasters International or other types of clubs where you are forced into speaking situations to cut down your fear of responding under pressure.

Nursing clinicals do not have to be a disaster if you are prepared which includes being able to respond under pressure. You can do it; you can get over your fears.