Will I get in??


Hey everyone! I have just applied to an Accelerated Master's in Nursing Program for 2nd degree students (first 12 months is spent getting nursing degree, then take NCLEX and begin working as an RN, and then begin masters program) for Spring 2017. I got my undergrad in biology/pre-med and wanted to go to medical school. Sadly, med school didn't work out. After college I got my masters degree in counseling and have been working for the past year as a substance abuse counselor. My undergrad GPA was 3.6 and graduate was 3.88. I did a good bit of shadowing during college and even a hospital internship through my school, but I haven't gotten any "clinical experience", as the applications like to put it, since then. I studied counseling because I knew I wanted to be in the medical field somewhere and that it would probably help me out a lot once I got there. A few years removed from my pre-med days, I have done quite a bit of research and decided that a nurse practitioner career is better suited for me and how I want to practice medicine. So, my question is... What do y'all think my chances of getting into this program are? Do you think it will hurt that I haven't shadowed or anything in a couple of years? I plan to do some shadowing this fall to hopefully bolster my application. Will my masters degree in counseling look good? I'm just so nervous!! This program has said that they have gotten around 150 applications in past years and take about 50, but that this year they have gotten a significant amount more. Can anyone give me some insight?? Thank you!