Will I get accepted (McGill) with my gpa


Hi there,

I have been dreaming about going to McGill for the last two years. Online they say that their average acceptance for their nursing program is a 3.3. I currently have a 3.5, I was wondering if anyone who has attended can tell me what their gpa/ mcgill story is



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I know someone who got into the direct entry masters with a lower GPA than yours... It all depends on who else is applying that year and letter of intent. Which program are you interested in?

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I am applying to the BSN program (Bsc? in Canada) for freshman and transfers, I have done 1.5 years at a community college so far. I have just heard such great things about the program, and I want to eventually go on and become a np. Was your friend applying to the nursing program? For transfer students, McGill does not want any letters of recommendation, or a personal statement, literally just my GPA...


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My friend got into the direct entry masters nursing program, she had a bachelor in something else, and her GPA just met the basic requirement, but she had to submit a letter of intent, which I guess they liked.

Myself I did the 2-year post CEGEP bachelor at McGill (BNI). CEGEPs use a different score, not GPA.

Unfortunately I don't know any of the BScN student stories or their scores before applying... I hope someone else replies :)