Will I Ever Be Forgiven?


I graduated from an AD Nursing program in 1973. My GPA was 1.9. I have applied to numerous RN to BSN programs online. I am either rejected or required to retake the electives I received a "D" in plus other required electives.

I passed my boards on the first attempt, have worked in specialty care areas throughout my career, have received glowing evaluations, and currently work in research. I am still being punished for my low GPA!

I take full full responsibility for my low GPA. My focus in college was on nursing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank You

Specializes in critical care. Has 8 years experience.

Unfortunately your best bet is to go to a community college and retake the courses.

Universities can be silly. I received an A in statistics but had to retake it when I did my bridge to BSN because it had to be within 5 years. I took it 6 years ago. What difference did that ≤ 12 months make? Probably none but somebody somewhere determined an arbitrary cutoff so it's what I had to do.