Will I be able to work in Canada


I am a student from Barbados who wants to be a midwife. In Barbados, at the age of 16 (which I am ), I can start collage at 16 if I choose to. I am thinking/really want to know if I can complete school here and go and apply/work in Canada right after I complete collage (4 years to get my bachelor degree in nursing and another 1 or 2 years in midwifery). I would be around 22 years old by then. Also I don't really have family up in Canada. Two things that I would like to know :

1. After I complete collage can I apply and work in Canada ( I know about the NCLEX exam )

2. If I can't find a job as a midwife, will I be able to apply as an RN in Canada.

3. Also I am from Barbados ( a very small island in the Caribbean ) can I still be qualified even from a small country.

The school that I want to attend is Barbados Community Collage or BCC for short.

Bad Request ( nursing bachelor )

Bad Request ( post-associate degree in midwifery )[h=2][/h]