Will Ever Get a Job Again?


I will try not to make this too complicated, but I really need some advice. Seven months ago I was fired from my job of 11 years. I had never had any write ups, always had raises, good performance evals, no med errors, no anything. I did have intermittent FMLOA for 10 years for panic attacks, which honestly, I never abused, I never exceeded the limit on it. I know it ****** management off, but I did not feel I was sick enough to go on permanent disability for missing one day a month, and I knew that when I was having a panic attack I was not in any condition to take care of patients. Then, the last three years I worked there I developed daily migraines which no one could stabilize, not the top neuro doc in the country, no one. I worked with a headache every day, but I had to miss some time for that too, which was approved. At the start of December, I was called in one day and told I was suspended for patient complaints. When I came in, no patient complaints were discussed, but they brought up three documentation errors, two very minor ones (and I do mean minor) and one semi-serious one that I had made about three weeks prior. The also brought up two incidents which were complete fabrications, that someone saw me sleeping in the HALLWAY (as if I would be dumb enough to do this!) and that I left the floor for 2.5 hours. I told them I just didn't do this things, I mean the documentation errors I couldn't deny, but they were the first ones in eleven years and no one was harmed, so I honestly did not think they warranted firing. But, apparently, they did. I appealed my firing through a lengthy internal appeals process which I lost. I was not allowed an attorney. I asked if witnesses would be produced as to the other things I had supposedly done, and was told that was not company policy; they said they had signed statements, but would not show them to me either. Bottom line: seven months later, I can't get a job anywhere. I have had over half a dozen very good interviews, but when I get to the point where I have to discuss why I left my last job, I can see the interviewers whole expression just change and they are no longer interested. I can't lie about what happened because the prospected employer is just going to check anyway. I was angry at first, but now I am just seriously depressed. So much so that I am getting to the point where I kind of don't want to get out of bed, and this is NOT good. I can't imagine going back to school for anything else. I LOVE being a nurse; I really feel it is what I am supposed to do, and dammit, I am good at it. Anyone got any advice? Thanks, sorry this took so long.


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If you could have references from other nurse managers you worked with in the facility, charge nurses, this might help. I would contact them directly for this and not mess around with HR. You need to call the EEOC and speak to them about your situation. I think you were discriminated against. If you haven't already, check with an employment attorney as well. You might could get a reference to one through the ADA website and Super Lawyer website. If you have any paperwork on your situation, hang on to it. If you haven't already done so, write everything down objectively and with dates.

Human Resources has never been and will never be supportive or defend employees. They are only there to protect the employer. Your situation became an inconvenience for staffing, management got P/O'd then problem eliminated with support from HR.