Will EMT experience really help me?

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I pose a question to all nurses out there with your years of experience and vast observational skills. I know this idea/question in one form or another has been done, but I feel we need to update for 2012. I am a new nursing student currently working as a CNA and pursuing my EMT. I did this because I am drawn to the ER/ICU arena and felt this would be a good way to get my foot in the door somewhere as an ER tech/PCT etc... sooner than working the usual 1 year as a CNA before a hospital will even consider looking at you. etc... I also realize that when school is done in 2014, I really will only have had a short amount of time to use said skills. Mind you, I did look into the local PCT classes...it seemed like a real waste of time and money...everything I would have had to sit in classes for the next year to "learn" etc...I have been learning on the job as a working CNA..advanced care skills etc...except for EKG...I did find a local course that teaches actual advanced EKG skills and based on the book used for the PCT/EKG class...well I learned all of that and more in my A&P class! so I feel confident with that...besides once done w/ PCT there is no real certification...around here its more who you know. I also could not see how taking a class "about" phlebotomy would even help. I can read that book at home too. I crave the hands on! But to the EMT...I wonder did I waste my money???I work in LTC at the present moment and also think that any EMT experience in conjunction with my CNA experience will help me get into one of the highly prized hospital positions. I do LTC, I do a good job, I am gaining fantastic patient care experience, but it is not were I truly feel drawn to. I want more. So...I have read so many of the posts around this general idea and I feel a little discouraged...so many people seem to think this a "waste of time" or nursing "light" etc...I am curious if anybody recently took this path and if so(or not) did it in fact help...I will say that after a solid year of A&P and chemistry and microbiology etc...sitting through the "basics" of the EMT class is very frustrating(not as bad as CNA class but that was very short...EMT around here is 4 months)...I am in it for the exposure and the hands on...and yes...the "action" What do you think?

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