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Will ask my doctor aboutit when I see him tomorrow, but what do you think about this?

I woke up this morning with a burning, throbbing type pain to the inner part of my leg...it radiates from just above my ankle to about halfway to the knee and then kind of moves from the inner leg to the front and all the way up to the knee. I have a huge black bruise on the lower part where the pain starts. I don't recall any trauma and the pain is constant...it is bad enough that the pain woke me up. It hurts worse when I have a sock on or when my pajama pants touch it and it really hurts when I walk. It's not swollen or warm to touch.

Any ideas? I'm normally not such a wimp, but I have never had a bruise hurt like this...it's sort of a burning, throbbing sensation...more burning than painful.

I have a check up with my doctor tomorrow, just wondering if anyone has any ideas before I go in...:)

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