Will the admission average for the Langara Fall 2022 Nursing intake go down?


Will the admission average for the Fall 2022 intake go down?

Since, my year of prereq nursing are fresh out of covid highschool, I found that a lot of students don't know how to study properly and I find that we study as if we were still in high school. And because we were online for about a year, the quality of learning went down and so did our work ethics.

A not worthy example is the dropout rate in biol 1190. There was a full class of 35 students at the beginning of the sem but at the final exam, there were only 9 students. Not sure if it this is normal but a 75% dropout or failing grade does not seem too promising.

Even as the course progressed throughout the semester I see people drop out after each lab exam and I even overheard some of the lab profs say that the averages for these exams are abnormally low. 

I spoke to some lab profs and they theorize that the nursing averages will go down but again just a theory.