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Just as a way to stir up a brief understanding of why people wanted or want to become an NP with a focus on a few different areas. Career itself, hours, salary, credentials, opening of new doors, etc. Why did or do you want to be an NP. I suppose for me:

1. Career itself- I was tired of the lack of scope of being an RN. To me it felt as if it was one of the most restricting lines of work I could think of. Making a telephone call to get tylenol for patient? This is what I went to school 3 years for? Why would somebody want a job where you literally make no decisions for yourself? Different floors may vary but this was rampant at my place of employment.

2. Pay- Where I live nurses make around 20 bucks an hour. Why not go work in the coal mines and make that without the initial investment of time/money into school. And honestly if you have half a brain you can progress quicker in the coal mines than as a nurse, and make much more money while doing so (at least in my area). Probably different throughout the country.

3. Drama- I felt as if I was in high school again working on the floor. Listening to old ladies talk about Magic Mike and how their husbands are deadbeats. Many of them also deemed it alright to take out their homeward frustrations on coworkers. I'll pass. For the coworkers who were not of the above quality, thank you for being awesome.

4. New doors- More business opportunities as an NP. AT least we can open clinics and be part of group practices/partnerships. Not much luck as an RN in my area unless you can get into sales or law. But overall, not as great.

I agree. I just found out last weekend that I was accepted into NP school for the upcoming fall semester. I can't wait to have more autonomy regarding the care of my patients. The pay is not bad either!

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