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Why do you or do not you serve in your professional organization?

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Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if you serve in your professional organization state or national?  Why or why not?

Honestly, I’m disillusioned. I’ve served in the past and no longer have any desire to do it again.  Such a toxic environment. I’m near the millennial generation and it’s just not inviting to many of us. Additionally, the “more seasoned” CRNAs who have fought valiantly for what we have won’t allow modernization, thus no new volunteers. What was done in the past doesn’t work for us and many of the older CRNAs are looking to retire soon. Same people doing it year after year and perpetuating hate and nastiness.  Burning out new volunteers before they can even really get started.

I’m about to sit back and collect my $$ like many others.  Let someone else do the work until something requires my presence. It’s not worth the mental stress. It’s a volunteer position for goodness sake!  I have a family and a life too!  Why does it have to be so darn toxic?  Just my rant.  I’m sure I’ll have hell to pay for saying it, but...  

I’d love to hear your opinion on why or why not.  


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That's why I volunteered for a position on a committee for one:)  I was able to make a contribution without having to work with others.  Just remember that those people who drive you nuts are keeping the wheels of the organization turning.  But, IMHO, it's time that state meetings get out of the educational offerings and exist for business duties alone.

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