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Why is it so hard to find someone to hire a new nurse?


Hello Universe, If you do not know anyone in a hospital to help you get a job and the automatic computer system kicks you a denial email after 2 to 5 seconds after you hit the submit button, how may I ask can one get a job in the hospital.

I admit I am not experienced and may not be able to hang with the big boys in emergency rooms and ICU floors, but I have the passion and the will to be that one day. The only thing is that one opportunity to prove that I can. I would love to be able to really write a cover letter telling each nursing recruiter that I will do anything to get the experience.

Every nurse started out new once. I understand that we have to earn through hard work but there is no hard work if there is no chance to put in the time and effort.

Is there hope out there for a new nurse, that doesn't qualify as a really new grad nurse and does not qualify as a expert? What happens to the nurses in limbo?

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There's a lot of threads on here about this same subject so you can read some of those to try to get some help or advice. I'm a new grad myself and it's so discouraging. :sniff: