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Please, I'm interested in you comments.

These questions are for SRNAs and CRNAs:

"Why do you want to be a CRNA?"

"Now that you know the capacity a CRNA functions, does this differ from what you 'first' thought CRNAs did?"

"What did you do to ensure that you really wanted to practice nursing anesthesia?"

"What steps have you/did you take to prepare to get through school (financially, mentally, spiritually, etc.)?"

"What are your academic interests and career goals?"


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To all newbies:

When I first posted this message, I was in awe of all of the GREAT suggestions, comments, experiences, etc. contained in the first few pages of this forum. Now, after reading 98% of this anesthetist forum, I quickly found that every question that I posted above have already been asked and answered. Sometimes several times.

This site is amazing, the amount of info these guys share is awesome! Please do yourself a favor and read all of the posts that you can. You will gain a tremendous amount of insight!!!!

P.S. Also be sure to check out Nilepoc's blog! It is inspiring.

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