Why did you become a Nurse Practitioner?



I am a student nurse:uhoh3: and am current doing a project in my A&P class where I have to interview someone in a profession that I would aspire to. This would be a Nurse Practitioner! I thought It might be fun and interesting to get some of your opinions.

I have written down 15 questions (my paper is based on 15 questions) but feel free to answer any or none of them. I just want to hear a little about your jobs!

Thanks in advance for your help!

Here are my questions:

1)Why did you decide to specialize as a Nurse Practitioner?

2)What is your salary?

3)What do you like best?

4)What do you like worst?

5)What is your specialty?

6)Where do you work?

7)Do you feel you get respect from the physicians you work with?

8)What did you do before specializing as a Nurse Practitioner?

9)Is there a profession you feel you might be better suited for after your experiences as a Nurse Practitioner?

10) What is your worst work related experience as a Nurse Practitioner?

11) Are you Generally Happy with your profession?

12) How long was your education?

13) What was the most challenging part of your education?

14) What are your hours?

15) Do you have to carry ? Is it expensive?

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