whoops! What was she thinking???

by NurseChrissy NurseChrissy (New) New

Last night on the evening shift, I got a phone call from an irate lab person at about 7pm. He was so excited and agitated, I couldn't hardly make out what he was saying.This was the problem, the nurse that was on days knew that a pt. was schedualed to have an HandH done, which is a blood draw. What pray tell did she send to the lab??A one half cup smelly stool sample!!!!After I got over laughing over that one,of course the lab guy didn't seem amused, I looked it up in the cart. She had even DOCUMENTED in the chart, stool sample sent for H&H!! I wonder what the states going to say when they read that? Talk about a bad dayy! Anyway, I thought it was cute.

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