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I am currently a student in Texas working on my BSN.

I have been accepted to both Baylor University and Texas Womens University for the upper division programs starting in the spring and I dont know which to choose.

Does your alma mater make a difference when applying for a job? What about for grad school? (my ultimate goal is neonatal nurse practitioner)

I know that Baylor costs way more since it is a private school, but I know there are also hospitals with tuition reimbursement programs that i can take advantage of.

I guess my questions are:

1) what do hospitals look for when they hire? Does the school that you go to make a difference?

2) how often do new grads get hired into an ICU (or more specifically, a NICU)?

3) who should I contact at a hospital to get more info on their tuition reimbursement program and how do I get that persons info (phone number, email, etc.)?

4) has anyone graduated from either TWU or Baylor and can give me first hand advice/information about either program?

ANY information would be fantastic.

Thanks so much!


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anyone? anyone? Bueller?


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i doubt that it matters much at all to employers, and it probably wouldnt matter as much for grad school as everything all put together i.e. your gpa, letters of reference, and job experience. which school do you like better? if you plan to go to grad school and get even more into debt, i would go with the less expensive undergrad program.

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