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Which route to take far as education

Misbacon Misbacon (New) New

Ok I have a question? Should I take LPN to ASN or just ASN route. I ask because I've got approved for volunteers of American hpog grant it pays for 3 years. I'm thinking ASN but then I'm thinking LPN to get under my belt to get into a possible ASN bridge program or just make the journey less long... I would appreciate advice. By the way I'll be done with Patient Care Associate/Tech class Friday. I appreciate all advice given

Just go for the RN. Since that sounds like your ultimate end goal, you might as well just go for it.

ERNurseErica, BSN, RN

Has 1 years experience.

I also think you should go for the ADN/RN. Now, if you want to take advantage of the 3 years that will be paid for, I would suggest seeing if you have any universities in your area that offer a 3 year accelerated BSN. That would be even better. Whatever you find works best for you is great, but why keep restarting when you can just get everything knocked out at once. Also, a few nurses that I know said getting an LPN may lead to reluctance to go back to school when you are earning more money than you are currently and if life decides to get in the way. Check the requirements of local jobs in your area because in my area, LPNs work in nursing facilities. You would need the RN license to even be considered for most hospitals. I really hope you do what's best for you in the end.


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