Which route should I take, ADN or BSN?


I'm currently in school working on my prereqs at MCCKC. I plan on transfering to UMKC, however MCCKC have this agreement with UMKC where your ADN courses will transfer to your BSN. The tuition is cheaper at there. I plan on transfering directly to UMKC for my third and fourth year. So I would complete it it the same time frame, even if I went to persue my BSN from the start. The total tuition is 15k at MCCKC which is very important to me. I'm currently using my student loans, semester at MCCKC is 9k per semester. I only want to go to either these two schools, I looked at Research but I think it's more expensive than UMKC. I want to minor in spanish and family studies, which is why I choose UMKC. If research have anything similar I would appreciate the info :) My goal is to be a peds nurse, the specialize.

I'm also wondering what Penn Valley application process is. I plan on applying to Penn Vvalley since the deadline comes first, fall'13 IN August and in UMKC in Novemeber '13. I know abut the points, I'm enrolling in my CNA license in october and will get in in 2 months. I plan on taking microbiology in the fall. I live in district, I figured I'll already have have 3 points, so I'll just have to keep my GPA above 3.0.