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Which job to take?!


Hey, guys!

25 days until I graduate!!! Whoop whoop!!!

Anyway, have a problem. I've been working as an extern/nurse tech on a CVICU unit for about a year now. I pretty much work there full time while in school and use the unit for my leadership clinicals, which I feel like is burning me out to the profession of nursing very quickly. I originally came to the unit thinking that is where I would work as a new grad because the manager was wanting to use my time as an extern to train me to be ready for working on the unit as a new nurse. This manager left in February, which just so happened to be the time frame to send my application for an RN position. It's been since February and I'm still getting the runaround about getting a job on this unit. I have an interview finally scheduled today because my recruiter forgot about scheduling my interview. I had to call her in person to remind her to schedule me for an interview on my own unit!!!

I'm just getting mixed emotions. I feel burned out of critical care and I'm tired of my unit, mainly because I just work too much there along with school full time. My unit is also really old, moldy, and has only one window, so the atmosphere is rather depressing. It doesn't help that my coworkers are just getting on my nerves. I have another interview scheduled with a heart hospital on their cardiac interventional unit, which is pre and post cath lab patients. I do part of my clinicals with this hospital and it's so incredibly nice, new, and has a positive atmosphere. I've also had coworkers that say it's such a lovely place to work and one coworker said there is an option to cross train later on in cath lab and their CVICU.

I originally was interested in critical care, but the job with the heart hospital is not a critical care unit. However, I'm afraid I'll be burnt out of critical care or overwhelmed way too quickly as a new nurse. The heart hospital job sounds a little more paced and welcoming to new grads. My problem comes down to if I were to be offered both jobs, which should I take?