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Which internship?!


I have an opportunity for an internship one hour away from home at a hospital, and one internship in town at a business offering an occupational health nursing internship.

The hours at the hospital are 3 a.m. - 3 p.m. and 3 p.m. to 3 a.m. The hours for the occupational health nursing internship are day hours. I have an almost four-year-old little boy who I'm desperate to spend time with, and ultimately I want to do what is best for him.

Is it better that I pick the internship with horrible hours and have more opportunities available after graduation in December? Or should I pick the occupational health internship, knowing I may be more limited in my job choices after graduation? Or...does it not really affect my job prospects all that much?

Note: I have no experience working in a healthcare facility, and both of these internships are paid.

Again, I just want to do what is best for my son. Please give me your advice, lovely nurses :rolleyes:

What are your career goals? The hospital job will definitely open more doors for you.

As a mom too, I totally understand wanting as much time as possible with your little. The 3a-3p shift is pretty popular with moms where I am. You may lose a bit a sleep but you would probably maximize waking hours with your son working that shift.