Which hospital in Lehigh Valley would be better for a telemetry nurse?


Hi! I'm currently a travel nurse working on assignment in San Diego, but am looking to relocate to the Lehigh Valley area as a staff nurse. I am concerned coming from an area where we have good nurse/patient ratios and high pay to an area where this is not quite the case. I definitely need a lot of guidance in where to apply.

What can I expect for an hourly salary with 3 years of experience. I am currently a telemetry nurse. What are the patient ratios on nights in a telemetry unit? Is Lehigh Valley Hospital better to work at than St. Lukes? I'm not the biggest fan of teaching hospitals, but will work one if i have to.

Any suggestions for good floors to work on in either hospital? What is the pay rate? Basically I just need the lowdown on which place might be better for me. Thanks!!

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