Which floor is best to work in if you plan on going back to school

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Hi, I am a nurse in the Cleveland area with my ADN and I plan on going back to school for my BSN. I have been in the MICU for 2 years now and it is very stressful. I am looking to work in a less busy setting where I can log on and do my homework without causing harm to a patient. I know most places you can work night shifts and have a lot of time on your hands, that seems to be what others on my floor are doing, but I personally wouldnt feel comfortable sitting down and doing homework with a critical patient dying in the bedspace infront me. Any advice? I really can not afford to not work while I am in school. My goal is to get my BSN so that I can start applying for CRNA school, I already have the experience under my belt, I just need the BSN now...

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I'm a float nurse so have have experience on all different types of floors. There are several nurses on our float team that were ICU nurses at some point. They've mentioned to me that they prefer med surg to ICU. From my experience the amount of free time an RN might have on their hands depends on the patient ratio and type of patient. For example, sometimes I work on a cancer floor and their patient ration is typically 4 to 5 patients per nurse. However, this probably depends on the hospital as well as the individual policies of each floor. Sometimes I work at a women's hospital on a Med Surg gyn floor and their patient to nurse ration is 4 to 5 as well. These patients tend to be even less work then the caner patients because they tend to me much healthier. The patient ratio on most med surg floors at night can range any where from 6 to 7 patients. When you have that many patients you are usually too busy to even eat.

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