Which college to attend? MSMC vs CSUCI


Hello there!

I've recently got my admittance letters from MSMC LA and CSU Channel Islands for pre-nursing major and I am really struggling to choose which school to attend to.

I am fully aware of the fact that Mount St. Mary's College, a.k.a the Mount, is an outstanding nursing school but the cost is,,, expensive. It is not that I cannot afford the cost but it is still very expensive compared to CSU Channel Islands.

I would probably save about 15k~20k (depending on how much I receive for financial aid) if I decide to go with CSUCI, but what troubles me is that CSUCI is a fairly new school.

I also heard from current students of MSMC that the BSN track is very challenging and competitive and this scares me a lot since my ultimate goal is to achieve a MSN (or perhaps even a DNP) which will require me a good gpa..

So far this is what I gathered from the internet:


Pro: Beautiful campus, great reputation, small classes, hard but caring professors, good resources(food,computer lab,library,security,etc.)

con:very competitive especially for prenursing students, many students transfer out, expensive cost.

CSU Channel Islands -

Pro: Affordable to attend, nice environment, private college experience at a public college

Con: Many tests to take such as TEAS and entrance exams, 4yr graduation rate is at 23%

This is such a frustrating decision to make! MSMC has been sending me goodies since I got accepted and that makes me feel like MSMC cares about their students a lot too..omg .. It would be so helpful if I could hear your advices, please help me!!


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Have you decided already?

I currently attend CSUCI and I do say that it is a great school. Yes,it is a fairly newer school but because of that you can walk around campus and feel like you are a someone and not just another student. Classes are small and it really is like receiving private school education at the cost of public school. Almost every nursing program I know of if takes the TEAS, trust me it's not hard. You need to refresh on basic things, but it isn't hard. I won't say CSUCI is the best school ever since I have nothing else to compare it to, but I certainly do love it. and caring about students part... the VP of student affairs is ou and about with the students. the president of CI has pizza,smoothies, etc with students. They care about their students,they really do.

anyways,hope I could help you if I'm not too late :up: