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Which would be a better nursing program to attend? Torn between MDC and BC

Hello all,

I am torn between attending Broward College or Miami Dade nursing program. I am a bit intimidated at the fact that Broward College has a low retention rate and has received "not the most positive reviews" on the web. I am currently finishing my science pre-requisites and anticipate on taking the Hesi this summer as well as taking the TEAS for Miami Dade to keep my options open. I so far have received As in my Anatomy 1 and Anatomy 2 lecture and labs and plan on taking Microbiology in the Fall. I can apply and hopefully start at Broward, God-willing, in January 2015 or I can apply and perhaps start Miami Dade as soon as August 2015 due to cut-off times. I hear that it is wise to cut back work hours as much as possible. I ideally would like to get feedback/insight from nursing graduates from both MDC and BC. I would appreciate any tips, forewarnings, likes/dislikes from the programs. I currently reside in Pompano Beach so BC is closer, but if MDC is a better school I will make the commute.

I am in the same predicament as you are. I take micro this fall at MDC however, I recently opened up to the idea of attending Broward online since quiting my job or less hours aren't options for me. From what I've seen Broward seems to have really bad reviews, that definitely worries me. I would love to hear everyone's feedback too.


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