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Taking comments on what area to go into.... I have been offered two positions at different hospitals and cannot decide which one would be best. I have done the whole pros and cons list and it did not help. The pay, shift, and benefits would be the virtually the same. The drive time would be the same, however there is long term major construction starting that will affect with the first job. Job #1 is in the SICU. The unit is very well known for its performance and I would learn alot. The hospital has been under some scrunity for some financial downfalls and there have been some nursing layoffs and upper management though. Job #2 would be in the ER of a smaller hospital that is about to merge with the top trauma hospital in the area. The unit does not have as good of reputation but is getting better.


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Tough call there. Perhaps you could look at your long-term goals with your career. Do you want to pursue an advanced degree? Nurse Anesthesia requires ICU experience, for example. Thinking that way might help sway the vote one way or the other.

I would worry about the layoffs and construction at job #1. That's me. Been there, done that, hope to never visit again. The pending merge in #2 sounds very promising and you would get a nice "quieter" introductory period to the profession before the bustle that will accompany the merge. But, how far into the future is the merge supposed to happen. Look into that as well. If it is quite a way off, don't factor that into your decision-making.

If you truly can't decide, try this: Close your eyes and imagine yourself 2 years from now at work knowing you have done the same job for the whole two years. QUICK! What unit were you in? In other words, which one sings to you? One might be the better "experience", but the other might be the better fit for you.

Good luck!

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