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Hi guys!

I am graduating in May from Acute Care NP program here in Cleveland, OH and then moving with my husband to North Carolina in July. I was wondering if I should take my NP boards here in Cleveland and then transfer all licensures or should I transfer my RN license now to NC and then take NP boards there?

I know it's a loaded question but is anyone knows what's better and involves less paperwork, I will appreciate your input!

Thank you in advance


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I would suggest you take your boards where you plan to practice. I know that some states require your registering your DEA and your NPI within the state you plan to practice in. That's here in California I'm not to sure in N.C . Good luck to you and congratulations on such a huge achievement! I hope your future is filled with blessings.


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Thank you so much!


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Since the certification exam is a national exam, it does not matter what state you reside in when you take it. I would take it where you are at now, that way you can get the ball rolling faster with all of the things that come after that will require it (NPI, etc.). While you are waiting to take the board exam, consider also completing the paperwork that you need to to get your RN license activated in the state you will be moving to, that and follow it up with submission of the APRN paperwork after you pass certification exam.

Also, unless you already have a job lined up in NC, taking the certification exam & getting a license in that state prior to moving down there will help you get a jump start on the job hunt. There may be employers who will not consider talking to you until you have passed the certification exam and hold an active state license.

Just my two cents, & good luck in your endeavors!

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