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Where to start?

laurakate laurakate (New) New

I need some advice... I'm struggling trying to find the right track to take.

I have a BS in biology from 2001, currently I'm a medical transcriptionist but I want to be a CNM midwife. I'm not sure the best way to get from where I'm at to where I want to be or how long to expect it would take.

From what I've learned so far, I first need my RN and a few years experience before applying to a school for my BSN or CNM. I'd like to do an accelerated RN program as I've already got a bachelors, but I'm in northern Iowa and not willing to move or quit my current job because of family obligations. I'm looking for online courses, so maybe an accelerated program wouldn't work because of the intensity? Creighton in Omaha was suggested to me, but it's on campus and I can't be away from my family for 13 months like that. Guess I'd rather do 2 years traditional online than 13 months accelerated if that's the case. But already having a bachelors, do I need to do the traditional RN route?!?

Any advice or suggestions would be very appreciated!



melmarie23, MSN, RN

Specializes in L&D/Maternity nursing.

I too have a BS in biology. Basically, there are no online RN programs for those of us without an RN. The online programs that I found were for those already with an RN who wanted to complete their BSN, or go from a BSN to an MSN.

When I was doing my research, the only options I found there were associate degrees at community colleges/tech schools, BSN programs (traditional or accelerated) or direct entry Masters programs. I chose the direct entry Masters route and am finishing up my first year.