Where are the School Nurse jobs?


I'm in nursing school and would really like to end-up in school nursing. I'm in the New England area and have heard it's hard to get a school nurse job in MA, but easy in NH. Is this true? What about RI? Are there a fair amount of nursing jobs there - does anyone know. I'm guessing BSN is the minimum entry point and that the pay is...well...what everyone is saying. Does any one have any suggestions? - Thx


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Hi maggun,

I would suggest checking out the MSNO website. It should answer a lot of your questions about school nursing in Massachusetts.

Massachusetts School Nurse Organization, School Nurse Certification

I would be cautious starting in school nursing directly from college. During your first year or two, you'll need a lot of support. You'll have questions that you didn't even know you had! Often, in school nursing you act with a lot of autonomy and there isn't always someone right there available to answer your questions. Additionally, you are often the only healthcare professional in the building, so you may find that other professionals do not look at a problem the same way you, the nurse, would. You'll have the confidence and experience to back up your practice after you have gotten past that 1st year of nursing.

All that said, school nursing is a wonderful specialty. I love my job!

Best of luck!



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I agree with Minnie, experience will help tremendously. Book smart helps, but on the job training, gut instinct, and the ability to work with any age child is really what you need before you become a school nurse. do not go into it for the pay....cause there is none. But the reward of being the school nurse for al the kids keeps me here. I love love love my job


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Minnie and Donna,

Thanks for your insight!!!