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Hi everyone, I'm heading to CRNA school in august, and I was just wondering where good areas are in Augusta to live. I'm coming from a large metro area, so I know how crime can be, but I've heard some things from friends who are already in Augusta about how crime is bad in certain areas.

I am looking to rent a house for 2 1/2 years as my wife will be coming with me (she said no-go on married housing from the school as we have a cat). If anyone knows good areas to look for a house to rent, or better yet if anyone has any links to agents or companies that can help me find somewhere, I will be very grateful.

Good luck to everyone else starting all types of school in the fall!


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"Some" of the downtown areas don't look like much and yes there is some crime. That said, there are well-kept and new townhomes and houses in the downtown area, and add a security service for peace of mind. If you don't like that there are a lot of houses and condos/townhomes just minutes away in any direction (North Augusta, which is ironically in South Carolina, is just a few minutes as well). Just check the yellow pages for realtors in the Augusta area and then your buddies do a drive-by inspection on the places you are intrested in and give you feedback. Good luck this fall!


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Hey! I don't know the exact name of the neighborhood. But it's off of Washington Street (the street with all the restuarants) and its on buckhaven drive.. they're townhouses.. My brother lived there.. they're pretty nice.

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