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Where do I report a nursing agency in CA?

Hello fellow nurses. So I'm wondering where I would report a nursing agency in the state of California. I worked for said nursing agency for three months and there is something incredibly odd going on there that I think should be reported and investigated. This agency does not pay its nurses within the timeframe stated by state labor laws because (according to them) the patients insurances dont pay on time.

I am currently in a labor board dispute with them over unpaid wages (from June) and several bounced checks. These people deposit/hand out paychecks knowing there are no funds in them. This is an ongoing issue with that "company".

My main reason for wanting to report them is because I honestly do not think they should be in the business of providing care to anyone. If they cannot pay the nurses for the care they provide to the agency's clients, they should not be in business. Unpaid nurses, in my opinion, equals unhappy nurses, which in turn, eventually affects patient care. Any ideas or suggestions?


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