Where do I begin?? Apply to nursing schools!


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So I only have 2 more classes of pre-reqs and I'm done! Now I'm preparing to apply to the local nursing schools. I'm just so overwhelmed! I don't know where to begin! I'm so confused and it seems like there's SOOO much to do. Can anyone give me a rough guideline of the steps I need to take? I don't know what I should do first or when. I've started filling out my NursingCAS application thing but it's so confusing.

Currently, I'm finishing up at a community college so I'll need to apply to both the university and the college for the schools I want to transfer to. All the admission windows open up in October. So when should I begin sending in applications, transcripts, essays etc? Can I start now? Or should I just prepare everything in the meantime to have it all ready when admissions open? Please help I'm lost.

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I just went through the application process for community college and university nursing programs last year and I agree, it can be overwhelming! I applied to several different schools so to keep everything straight I created a google docs page with a "to do" list for each school and links to any relevant websites (each school's transfer student and nursing pages, the nursing program's application procedure page, etc.).

It's going to be a lot of information so I would suggest taking one program at a time and going through their website with a fine-tooth comb. Find out exactly what they need from you and then put everything on your to-do list along with the date's it's due. Some things you can start preparing in advance (for example, if you know they're going to need an essay or a resume) but don't send them anything like transcripts, recommendation letters or AP scores until they specifically request them. Also, if you're applying as a transfer student make sure to check both the university's general transfer student application procedure and the nursing's program's - the public universities I applied to required separate applications for each, so make sure you're meeting all of the requirements. It's a lot to juggle but if you stay organized you'll be fine.

Good luck! :)


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Great advice! One school at a time sounds much easier to handle than 10 at once! There's still sooooo much to do but i feel a little more confident. Thank you so much for your help :)