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Where did you graduate from? Sa Tx?

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Hello all! I would really appreciate if you took the time to help me! I'm very frustrated. I will return the favor and answer some of your questions to the best of my ability!:yes:

I have been skeptical about pursuing nursing over the past year or so because I dont know which school to go for! I've checked out Alamo Colleges but they have so many pre-reqs and only 2 application periods a year! With so many students and so little space its vary hard to get in. I've heard people have felt that they wasted their time and money getting everything together, to then only be told that they have not been accepted into the nursing program for Alamo Colleges and have to wait another year to be CONSIDERED again. :madface:

I've checked out Galen which sounds really good other than the price, but I've heard so many cons about it!

I've also checked out Bapstist health systems but they have the same rep as Alamo colleges. ( Few get accepted only twice a year)

I've checked out Hallmark but cant seem to find any real information on it.

So my question is where did you complete your LVN, RN or BSN and where you able to get a job quick? Also this is in San Antonio Tx by the way. Thank you so much for helping me!:up:


I know that Career Point has an RN program I know a number of people who were attending Galen and switched to Career Point. They offer both a day and evening class.