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I am have been a nurse for 1.5 years. I started with adult intensive care and lasted 6 months on a floor with a very high turn over rate. I found the adult world didn't fit me well and working nights made me very sick so I decided I would try pediatrics in a clinic setting to see if I'd like it. I've been at the Peds clinic for a year now and just not feeling satisfied with what I'm doing. I love working with the pediatric population but honestly feel like I'm loosing some of my nursing skills. I also hate triaging over the phone. I've been thinking about going back to the hospital but unsure what would be a good fit since I feel so out of practice with the inpatient world. I want to work at the Children's hospital that I currently work out patient for but unsure what direction to go. Short stay unit, med surg, step down, pacu, picu, nicu, or, preop, just so many options. wondering if anyone has had experience with going from a clinic setting to inpatient?

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Have you tried progressive care unit (pcu), intermediate critical care? The acuity is less than critical care but you get a good mix of the types of patients you care for. I started in med/surg and ortho units then tried icu briefly and didn't like it. Pcu an intermediate critical care has been worth the change for me.