When does Suffolk Community college start sending out letters for fall program?


I'm interested to know when suffolk community college starts replying back regarding acceptance into the fall 2 year program? I know it's only april but if anyone has received a letter, please let me know. I'm getting antsy about finding out or not. I applied for farmingdale as well but I got a letter back in january saying I didnt get in. Thanks in advance


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I called the nursing department about a week ago to ask that very same question and they said they would be going out in the beginning of May. Does that make you feel any less antsy? Me neither! :p

Best of luck to you!


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Got my letter of acceptance today but I dont even know if its worth going because I may end up with some criminal charges by the time I finish the program and then not be able to get a job. FML :(

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I just got my acceptance letter today for Fall 2010 day classes at the Ammerman campus. So excited!:yeah:


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Oh man, you guys are getting me so nervous! I was accepted at Farmingdale but would really prefer either the Grant or Ammerman program.. I'll try hard not to knock over the mailman on my way to the mailbox tomorrow! Congratulations to both of you!! :yeah:


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i just got my letter too for the Ammerman campus