When the RN is sick.......What do you do? Plz give me advice


Hello everyone I am seeking for advice from nurses who have dealt with a similar situation as mine or know of someone as a I find myself lost and need advice, I was recently diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease and find myself dealing with very challenging decisions. I finished nursing school on Aug 2013, got my dream nursing job in the ICU floor and worked night shift for about 6 months. About 3 months ago i got diagnosed with autoimmune liver disease, I tried to continue working in the ICU, even though my Dr. was against it. Due to the new medications and everything going on I decided to change to a less stressful unit, until my health progresses and I get used to the medications. I been to 2 interviews and have not been called back. At this point I have no clue if is my interview skills that I am lacking or I don't have enough experience as an RN and it looks bad in my resume that I was only at the ICU for 6 months. I have no clue if I should even mention that I have an autoimmune disease, whenever I am applying to a hospital. I am afraid they will see me as a risk if they hire me. And the thing is I am able to work I just need a less stressful unit. Any advice will help as I find myself lost dealing with all of this situation which had been extremely hard. thank you