When to quit your job?


im a newbie here in UAE,2 months working now in this company as a nurse,its a medical center.We have almost all of specialist in the center. We are working 8 hours a day, we assist doctors, we take approvals for patients insurance,we informed patients for their lab reports by phone,and do duties that the usual nurses do.In 8 hours duty most of the time i was in a defferent area like for ex. the 1st 4 hours im in derma then the other half im in GP doctor,in short i don't have fixed area atleast in a week. Now im having problems with my works ,like pending in insurance approvals because i dont have training for insurance applications ,pending reports for patient.Im having a hard time following up my patients.Staff are toxic most of the time,. Now I want to resign from work,for im so stress at work,im not happy anymore,and sometimes i cant sleep thinking about the undone pendings,Im getting emotional and crying at times when im so exhausted.And i even lost some 4 kilos in two months.Please can you advice me if it is right if i resign? or Im just emotional ? or its normal thing that happen? ive been working before in KSA but its not the same as here.Guys i need your advice.😞😞😪😞😞


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We can resign if we want to resign gracefully. Just hand in your notice of resignation, usually 3 mos in advance. Breach of contract is usually the problem that employers shove in our face to prevent us from resigning. If your work is giving you stress, better resign. You have more to life to live for.