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I think that because i am not British means that i have worked in the UK and seen it for what it really is, or at least what it really could be. that's a confusing entrrance to a conversation, but my point is that when working at my hospital, i found that as standards of certain things such as cleanliness and food, patient care and administration.

I have sat with the other Nurses and complained, indeed i felll it is something i am very good at. but i do wonder whether there would come a day when one of us would actually do something.

Perhaps many NUrses are feel underpowered and helpless, or that their contributions/ ideas would be dismissed.

Too little emphasis is placed on what Nurses at ward level would like to see happen, in place of schematic and policy, which is of course important, but not the be all and end all of decisions.

To be fair it's not all the NUrses fault. but they are not entirely faultless. considering that there are Large numbers of NUrses, one would think that they would hold all of the cards, but it seems to be a case of 'sheep in a pen'. i think that it's time we broke out and made more decisions for ourselves and take back the wards!:) :roll :kiss :D :cool:

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