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When did nursing schools start getting so competitve?


I'm just curious when all this insanity began. I know it varies by region, but when I hear nurses who went to school 20 years ago talk about how they got "C's" it boggles my mind that they got in with below a 3.0. It seems way back when nurses used to be able to enjoy thier college experience, instead of this competition that fosters perfectionism and anxiety.


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I really have no idea. I guess it is so hard to get in the program nowdays that it has just become that way. I know the year I was accepted we had about 800 applicants and they accepted 160 of us. Now once in the program - I have to say I am not that way at all. We do have some that think every test/clinical grade is a competition and I have to admit that gets really annoying. I don't really appreciate being asked "What did you make?!" by someone who I never even speak to.

I was talking to a guy I know yesterday who looked into going in 1991 - he didn't even apply, because after some research, he realized he wouldn't get in. When my friend's mother went about 35 years ago, you weren't allowed to attend nursing school if you were married- they all lived in dorms by the hospital. The standards for grades might have been easier, but they didn't allow non-traditional students. I guess somewhere in the middle things changed?

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